Leadership Navigation with RadioShack & Brightstar

Leadership Navigation Post

This month Team CQ kicked off our 6-month intensive coaching program with both Radioshack and Brightstar leaders. We welcomed innovative leaders from Chicago, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles to gather for a back to basics and forward with leadership 2-day intensive outdoor team and leadership learning experience. The Leadership Navigation program is a precursor to individual and group coaching that will begin in the next coming months.  The purpose of the Leadership Navigation portion of this 6-month intensive is to create awareness of personal leadership strengths, personality shape, leadership style, and personal/professional growth story in a unique outdoor learning environment. Each learning experience was followed by a deep-dive After Action Review to ultimately bridge back to workplace innovation relevance. We believe that true awareness learning occurs when one is outside of their day-to-day environment. As a result we had rich discussions that led to wonderful conversation about how to blend teams and build leadership capacity. Many of the actions we completed together were designed to push teams to rely on each other to:

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Create awareness of personal strengths, shape, style, and story of leadership and team capacity
  • Solve problems with collaborative critical thinking under time constraints and difficult conditions
  • Understand the importance of personal accountability
  • Revisit and resolve the barriers that prevent teams from thinking creatively.


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